Tarot or Oracle: Which Cards Should I Utilize?

If you’re new to shuffling cards, you’re undoubtedly mosting likely to question Tarot card as well as Oracle cards. What’s the distinction? What’s far better of what? What’s right for me?
Every fortuneteller as well as their mother has an answer to this concern, so I believed I ‘d share mine. Also, I thought it would be good to have my thoughts on this permanently on the internet for any newbie that wants to ask the concern.

So. Let’s obtain the classification right first. Oracle is the basic term as well as refers to any cards utilized to divine response to a question. Words oracle gets its roots in the Greek and also Roman times. In folklore, oracles were the people who claimed something that happened in the future. So any card made use of to inform you something– regardless of system– is an oracle card.

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Currently, tarot collections itself apart since it follows a system. It’s 78 cards, 22 of which fall under the Significant Arcana, and also 56 of which fall under the Minor Arcana. The Minor Arcana is additional separated right into four suits, each with 10 pips and 4 face card. Despite the fact that some modern tarot reading decks do add an arbitrary card or two to the 78, tarot card is as well as constantly will follow this set system. Consider your routine playing card decks (which tarot was based upon, JSYK!)– they never wander off from the Ace to 10 + Jack/ Queen/ King setup, right? Same with tarot. It’s always 78, it’s always mugs/ sticks/ swords/ pentacles, and some variant of page/ knight/ queen/ king. Take the PM Starter Deck– its imagery might be incredibly modern, yet it still follows the system to a tee. So tarot = framework + system.

Modern oracle decks, on the other hand, are a cost-free for all. They’re normally based on a theme that the deck creator created. Take the #NoFilter Oracle Deck, for example. You would certainly believe our 52-card oracle deck was simply an arbitrary bunch of quotes, yet really, when Mikko and I created the deck, we formulated three classifications for all the #NoFilter prices estimate to fall under: action, niceness, and snark (harhar). The #NoFilterWoowoo Deck on the other hand might feel like we simply threw 100+ sayings with each other, however if you check out the small print, you’ll see that every little thing we placed in that deck was influenced by astrology– from the indicators, to the aspects, to planets as well as houses. Generally, contemporary oracle decks have no collection fits, no collection structure, no formal court cards, no regulations.


I have 2 answers for this. The quick and also dirty one is all of it come down to individuality. Just through observation over the last couple of years I’ve been evasion cards and also teaching tarot card, I have actually discovered that people who react truly well to structure, reasoning, and order react to Tarot actually well. Individuals who fit with memorizing memorization, development, and also putting concepts right into cool little boxes generally require to tarot with little initiative. On the contrary side of the range are people who simply wish to listen to a response to any question today, those who can’t be troubled with memorization, and also those who typically simply want to hear an affirmation respond far better to oracle decks.

This is due to the fact that Tarot’s framework takes some time to learn, and also while some oracle decks may also call for research and also representation, the majority of them provide one-word or one-sentence solution to a concern you’re asking. So if we’re passing stereotypes, decide which one you are between both and afterwards determine which deck to invest in.

My second response goes a little deeper than this. Tarot’s framework permits it to cover the full breadth of human experience. So if you want discovering the human subconscious as well as wonder regarding all the facets of being human (both light as well as darkness aspects!), after that I would strongly recommend taking it up.

I really feel that all the messages you would certainly otherwise draw in an oracle deck can and also will certainly be located in tarot and that’s why I would certainly suggest it over an oracle deck, especially for a person that wants to obtain actually major with the cards.
It simply takes a little bit more research time as well as a whole lot a lot more persistence to figure it out.


I feel like as long as you recognize just how the tarot works, it’s all right to begin mixing things up. I imply, I do this constantly in all my readings– I appear with 3 or 4 decks at any kind of point in time because I really feel every one has a special voice that can contribute to the conversation.

Yet since tarot is so comprehensive, it is always the foundation of any type of analysis I do. You can use a bunch of tarot cards in an analysis (take the spread in the picture over) and also be able to whip up a solid narrative for the individual you’re reading for. I can’t say oracle does the exact same– making use of something like 9 or 10 oracle cards for just one analysis can leave me (and also the person I’m reading for) a lot puzzled. So yes, utilize them both, however do so with intention.

For my own practice, I locate that oracle cards are best used sparingly for them to make an effect. I such as to stress tarot card analyses with 1 or 2 oracle cards– to me, they imitate periods or enigma or exclamation factors at the end of a sentence. Use too many as well as you water down the whole message and also simply make everything complicated.