Quirk-Silva Votes Against Bill to Save Californians Thousands of Dollars

By June 25, 2018Statement

(Fullerton, CA) – Recently, Sharon “Gas-Tax” Silva (D—Fullerton) voted against an amendment which would have eliminated a mandate saving Californians an average of $10,000. The mandate enacted by the California Energy Commission would require the installation of solar panels on every new home in California.

“It is clear Assemblywoman Silva has no interest in protecting her constituents. She has shown consistency in voting for special interests in Sacramento time and time again,” said Dr. Alexandria Coronado, candidate for the 65th Assembly District. “Our residents struggle with the lack of affordable housing in California and it is upsetting to see Asm. Silva continue to fail middle and lower-income families throughout California.”

Dr. Alexandria Coronado is the former President of the Orange County Board of Education. Dr. Coronado is the former President of the Orange County Board of Education. She served as Treasurer for the University of Southern California’s Thornton Alumni Association. As a former Member of the Council of Urban Boards of Education Board of Directors, Dr. Coronado is committed to providing opportunities for the future of California’s 65th District.



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